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High and dry.

As the night frails to a loom
To the night of a destined doom
With an aspiration so high
You leave me appealing, mouth so dry.

Give away the thoughts to a soul
To render alone is not a goal
So deep you have gone in the night
Cant see but the stars shine sans light.

Call upon the slave
To take you back to the grave
Nothing halts for you in this world
Weight of debts fall with a thud

Part from the illusion
Of charms and delusion
Deceiving was never a trait to you
And who can deceive you but you.

Snap out of the world
The makeshift of the dirt
From the long lost love
From the dying perch.

Travel to a new land
TO a new forest, to a new sand
With an aspiration so high
Leave others, lives so dry.



A freelancer, hopeless romantic, loves adventure and also an admirer of some lone time with coffee. Can't live without my diary and my phone. A big drum of emotions as I like to call myself, I am cheerful, humorous, and I love dancing. I have a lot of interests from being a hardcore Football enthusiast and a Manchester United fan to Speaking to an audience, sharing something close and revolutionary to me. I love adventure and can't be curtailed under house arrest. Nature, new minds, new surroundings are what I live for.

Thank you :)

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