Love and Beauty

One day on phone:
Mom – “how was your date?”
Me- “Quite the usual. Fun, not very exciting though. I don’t think so I want to see her again.”
Mom- “This way you might not ever get a girl. She was beautiful whats wrong with you?”
Me- “I wish it was as easy as you say.”

A normal phone conversation with my mom made me think how Love has now transformed its wings from those of a phoenix to a sparrow. Beautiful still, but minus the gravitas. There are many ways a person goes cuckoo over some other fellow human being, irrespective of gender. But what is it exactly that is this feeling which makes our hormones work overtime and lets us live high on adrenaline, 24*7? The feeling which awakes the lion from the depths of our soul to rule over our brain and prove as a new source of infinite courage and confidence?

Having had a bit of my share of failed tries at love, falling, then resurfacing, then falling again, I stand today experienced enough, yet still in search of the feeling love. Let’s reflect for one moment what is it that triggers love – beauty, nature or comfort of the other half’s company? The reason behind love or being crazy about it has been debated since centuries and to take one’s side would spark off a new debate, so I am just going to take a step backward and reflect just on the feeling of that uneven yet smooth, the broken yet so strong, the disheveled yet so organized feeling of Love. Remember the first time you saw that girl? Or the first time she smiled at you or the first time you spent time with her or the first time she held your hand? The spark you feel when the other person brings you at ease, has tamed your demons and has made you a better person altogether is what love is. Love is that feeling which not only awakens the lion but charges with it down the path to rule over the kingdom for even a Lion is merely a cat without its ferociousness. Yet, Love is complicated. Yet, Love has a million other definitions and still stands alone defined by 100s others in a million other ways. For some while it’s the tenderness of an emotion, for others it is the physicality in the form of their loved ones. For some it’s the victory of their team while for some it stands as showcasing courage in times of impotence.

The general mass today wanders lost in the maze that is love. They are lost by its misleading ideals, by the societal virtues and by the ever changing definition. Today love stands merely as physical affection or admiration. We fall in love to fill the void or to create a void. Falling in love was never meant to be related to a void. Love has always been a feeling, a string of a myriad of emotions which connects two souls in order to create a new dimension where there strength grows by the exponent. While beauty has become the definition of love and color, body shape and other features as the attributes to define beauty, Love is lost somewhere in between.

A man’s love cant be satisfied by just “Beauty”, for he needs something more than that, as Love is not just an emotion, it’s a myriad of colors and it just doesn’t need a blank canvas rather a painter to give it meaning. So even though our generation today searches for the word that is love, I still have hope in feeling the word that is love and that too irrespective of caste, color, form, shape, size, gender or any other filter associated to realize that precious feeling. For when I decide to meander in the vast ocean that is Love, I don’t expect to have a cruise rather I’d swim and feel its water washing away the layers of shell hiding away the real strength which is now unleashed via this string of colors. Let yourself be of love and let it break you and organize you at the same moment. Let the lion reach its Pride Rock and let it rule with Love being its added ferociousness.



While love leads to beauty, the other way around is an infatuation.
While love leads to beauty, the other way around is an infatuation.

Thank you :)

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