The fall.

Fall from the cliff today
To the rocks, land softly
Gently on the wings you develop
Through the matter of desperate drop.Astonished. You dived in it for nothing
With a fear so looming in your eyes
But remember the jubilation, the cry
For your landing was dust on window standing by.
And even further cherish those wings
The fall was a result of their seeds
Implanted, they grew sending a manifestation of greed.
Oh no, don’t farce upon the greed
They gave you the joyous occasion of freedom
Farce upon the time it took you
And the time which made you awry.
Living, are you now,
For the greater part of your life
Smiling so proudly in the mirror
Creating a world around the dive
And belief is what you remind again
To yourself and to the future of this world
That achievement is a word so misunderstood
Take a dive, live the fear, land softly rip off the hood.


Thank you :)

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