I wish you would never see me again..

Today as we walk through the paths of this beautifully maintained world of ours with nothing but heads visible all around, bobbing up and down slowly moving towards their destination, it feels redundant. The surprise with me was, while I walk through the same area at least 5 times a day, the place didn’t feel redundant rather I, myself felt so. The same situations, same mistakes have clobbered me over time and trust me when I say that 3 years is a long haul, with the irony being these were the quickest 3 years of my life. Today’s generations have experiences in abundances because we tend to experiment a lot, not only with ourselves but with other things- living or non living. As there is not much room for anything else other than people, we have many but lose more. But then what is it that makes us feel so absolutely bored of anything? Is it the same type of people I meet everyday or the place itself with nothing new to offer to this hyperactive mind? And then after a lot of introspection which equals 2 minutes of over thinking, I realised it was both.

Traveling. A phenomenon in which a person realises how big the world actually is, how small he or she is compared to the world and how their weirdness is nothing compared to what this whole world with over 7 billion people, 7 continents and close to 200 countries has to offer. I feel surprised how people everyday are so engulfed in their daily problems that they forget to fathom the abundance of this world. Capturing the beauty, the wildness, the creativity, the colors, and what not is a traveler’s dream. A traveler is someone who believes in the fact- nothing is permanent and even if it somehow is, it’s bickering and it has to be changed. He wishes to expand his horizon of self by taking in the variety of others at offer. Different people, different cultures, different languages and most importantly different delicacies are some of the basic items which any traveler looks out for. Walking down the same road or meeting the same people, basically having a schedule, a routine is not a traveler’s trait. A traveler thrives for imagination to take form, believes in his love of bringing the impossible to life and finishing the most daunting task. And thus, to break the shackles of this redundancy, travel.

Our previous generation had a different world to live in. A world which was limited with limited requirements, limited possibilities and limited opportunities. But we have all of this in abundance. We can create opportunities which lead to more possibilities and thus diversify our requirements. Traveling is a way to search where your opportunities lay. Go to a distant land, a land which is unknown to you, expand the horizons which shrink your mindset, lay down the canvas and paint it red for all to see how free you are. A soul which has no bindings will relate to the urgency of traveling, the effort it takes to stay at the same place and take in the details of the same scenes, over and over again. Traveling is refreshing like the morning air on a cold day during summers, it is the smell of meadows to someone who has lived all his life in the city or it is the smell of food cooked by the mother of someone who stays away by SaverExtension” href=”#”>from home. When you wheel down your boundaries and set out to explore this magnificent world, you not only get closer to yourself, rather you get closer to this world. When people keep mumbling their fears, their frustrations, their problems, their ties with the world, a world created by them and so small that it almost feels claustrophobic by the mere thought of it, feel sorry for them, for they haven’t explored the world at large and you know, when you get to that hill-top after 4 hours of morning trek in a country whose name even you can’t pronounce properly, and you shout at the top of your voice, you will realise then how small your world and its problems are. It’s equivalent to reading a book, only that in a book you are given a set of characters and a pre-picturised world while when you travel, you get to choose your own characters and your own scenes.

While I pack my bags and unpack my problems, compare yours with the size of this world and then pack your bags and see for real if you were right or wrong.
For “If traveling was free, You would never see me again”.


Thank you :)

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