Time for a Silver Lining.

As the Time ticked,
Into eternity it had its destiny
Was I supposed to meet it halfway
Was I to start as its equal?
Were my feet to sync with its pace?
meanwhile, they tend to begin the race.
Waiting for that whistle as a sign
To turn my vision towards the victory line
For I had the most important battle
As time ticked, noises of cracking left me to rattle.

Those seconds haunt now, the ones I ruled then.
For they conspired and betrayed, called me as an equal.
When they had suggested the so-trodden path,
I had accepted as the will of my ignorance, ignorant of the wrath.
So as the whistle blows, I Light up my face,
Yet it burns but I have to win the race
As I missed it once, need to synchronize again.
As I dived inside, I felt the pain was in vain.
Vain was also the ignorance I once honored that
Bliss was never time’s friend and I walked the path.
Dont take chances with time, time always flies.
But I ran to meet at the victory line
To be content with the tarnished track.

Blinded by the beam of a different ray of light
A little silver glistened at the end,
Was it the ribbon at the end, in disguise?
As I came closer, I found
Even without victory, I had found a silver line.
And I ran raging through the dirt path,
Time had gifted Sun after a stormy wrath 🙂
And as i reached towards the SILVER LINING,
I fathomed the answer- it wasn’t mine to take the less trodden path.


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