Our place in the stars.


Have you ever looked up into the night sky

And wondered what is our place in this Universe

Are we expected to survive this long?

Or is it just a matter of Right and wrong?

For as long as we can remember, this world has been searching the answers to the questions above. Humans, Homo-Sapiens while are the most intelligent species on this planet till now, yet we seem to have no knowledge of our start. We hear these questions everyday- what is the reason for our existence in this world, and why is our planet so perfectly situated to support life, and is there anyone out there who is if not more advanced at least equivalent to our intelligence?


Look at the picture above. For the one who is vying this picture for the first time, this one was taken by the Space Hubble telescope which was fixed in a position very close to the moon- our moon, for 10 days. While for the first few observations in the first few days were pretty regular with nothing but dark space to stare at, slowly some stars started to appear. Now we all know the light from the stars that we see in the night sky are mostly at least a million years old reaching us from light years away and same was the case with these twinkling lights that were appearing near this space which were supposed to be at least a million years old. Now scientists got curious and they magnified the images and these magnified images left them star-struck quite literally. If you still think these are nothing but stars, look closely. These are galaxies. And not just one or two, rather a total of 3000 galaxies that we never even knew existed which might contain millions of Solar systems and billions of planets and a few or even more among them could be like our Earth. You don’t feel so worthwhile or big now, do you?

No I am not an Aerospace Engineer and no I am not an Astrologer, I am just curious and while curiosity killed Schrödinger’s cat, my curiosity rather our curiosity will change the world. The idea in the above description was to make you feel small, and your problems- smaller. In today’s date, what’s happening everywhere are discussions. Discussions on problem statements we read about in newspapers or on problems we face every day in life. Sometimes we do come to solutions which is a huge achievement for this world which is highly indecisive and can’t actually differentiate between a boon and a bane. Today 10 year olds are putting up statuses of breaking up, while older ones are too depressed to feel anything. Many might say our social maturity is increasing. But when you dig in a little deep, you’ll realise our social maturity is way below the belt coz it hurts. What did you feel when I was talking about the hundreds and thousands of galaxies out there? Did you ever at any point say to yourself- “Bloody hell, that’s a pretty big universe!” because if you did then you know what I am talking about. Our problems are a mere illusion in this Universe and so are we. Mind you when I call even the most intelligent species on this planet till now nothing but mere illusions as we are moving at such a slow pace that we are hampered by our own intelligence. This pace, this intelligence hampered by the constant problems we create for ourselves are the ones pulling us down to mere illusions in front of this vast, ever expanding Universe. This is my curiosity- Why are our problems so significant that they make us insignificant?

When was the last time you felt distraught? When was the last time you relieved yourself of all the joys? When was the last time you fell insignificant and were so burdened with your problems that you couldn’t feel like getting up again? Live AGAIN. Like the phoenix rises from the ashes every day, like the Crows try to steal the shine of joy from this world every moment. Your problems were never heavy, you have become lighter and easier to be pulled down.

There was a time when Albert Einstein went down, when Michael Jordan went down, when J K Rowling was too deep into the ditch to get back up, when Yuvraj Singh was fighting cancer and when Nikolas Tesla had no money to fund his unlimited imagination.

Yes they were all very insignificant at one point of time and not many know the struggles 100s of others likewise face throughout their lives- physically and as they say without a healthy body, you cant have a healthy mind and thus mentally. Confidence can disappear in a matter of hours while it takes a long time to build it back up, and you gain it back only with belief and a never ending fire.

You need to realize while you crib about your problems, while you make yourself realize that your life is worthless you are wasting precious time of your life which you could use to spread more joy and happiness in this world or explore a dimension which has not been discovered before? Do you see why you need to realize how insignificant your problems are in comparison to this humongous world?

The good ol’ days when we use to sing away our problems over a beer or dance away the reality or travel away the monotonicity. While these three have become easier, their practice have become tougher with restrictions posed by our problems. Complications are a part of our lives, yet you live up to your mark as a part of the most intelligent species on this planet by not dwelling in those complications.

For what you need to do is Spend a little more, bunk a class, take the road not taken. For your problems will not make the man you are but your perception will.



Thank you :)

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