Tryst with love

“Its dangerous” it said
I looked up, the eyes on me.
“You don’t learn” it said,
The most beautiful pair there’d ever be.

Stakes are too high, the other said
I was already lost, in a distant world,
“Its you” it said,
“Don’t look for me, don’t say a word”.

Don’t do it again, came the voice,
But my book had opened my pen in hand.
I can still praise you, tricky and vice.
Singing I was all in one, a music band.

Please remember and understand, it begged,
while I faded out of earshot.
“I killed my desires way back” it shouted,
A long-lost voice while my eyes found the tied knot.

The feeling is beautiful to let go,
voice fades out and comes the glow,
As I dream of an onward life,
with hand in one, and a common strife.


Thank you :)

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