Solitary Alliance

He felt alienated, ignored
On an island inhabited by him
He ahd his chirps and roars
but how much he craved to understand
And then as it may come
He was devoured by the sea
of sourness and of ice
he inhabited teh land it surrounded
For he had been a victim
of bloodshed and merciless reality
which changed with the ticking echoes
For change was everything that was stable.
Towards he ran, away form the narrows
Eyes and the thumps of feet
which marched his gentle taps
And marred his joyous nooks
He had escaped and left in tatters
A world that was his own
Finding peace in solitude
Music in only his tone.
But in the haste to get far
he had chosen the wrong wind
To ride on, he had been blown
When he could have glided.
To better the lives around
You cant run away into solitude
of unawareness, of armed struggle.
Change was in fact, everything that was stable.
And thus, he learned when he heard a call
A call he understood was all it took
to solitary alliance of minds, and souls,
Changing the mirror was not to change the world.
And he lived thus, within the narrows
with the fields, with the streams
and words he penned with a curve
for change was stable but
Not in running away, in acceptance
of himself and the world with or without the narrows.


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