Above and over

One foot above the other
As i climbed towards
a sky high peak
with a numbing desire
to scale and to conquer
the winds tugged on my clothes
threat of a wrong step dogged my fears
but the fire contained the chill
for my spine had given away to nerves
my guts had given way to the fall
yet my head was high and my feet steady.

Anti social, succumbed to loneliness
I was a lone wolf, sans the pack
wished for a little touch
a touch of a soul not cold
a touch of a soul not loud
a search for a soul too deep, 
yet head held high;
and so I climbed, with the summit in sight
leaving the depth of fall behind
all the fire burning on fuel of life
For i was a being learned to live
together and perfectly lonely.
And I urged to this world, so deprived
of a sense of self and lost in a desperation
to prove and be proved
to trudge the righteous path
created by own solitude and love
love all, the nature the self and all.


Thank you :)

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