Abyss of an underdoing

Clinking, the sounds roared,
to the merit of the stronghold
of not the dark stars
into the abyss against the shards
of the light which engulved
the bling and the gliss
prevails into an abyss
of not foreboding, of a fall
to the eternal depth and internal awe
rock bottom was the end
to realise again was to cross the bend
of a poetic muse he crafted long
yet the stars shined from a distant land.
And it felt for the last time
the closing down of the depth around
for he had outreached the darkness
in the stars of the internal land
no soul touched or reached
he accepted, rejected his life long wish
and then as he succumbed to the height
it was no longer to live
but to give way for a life.


Thank you :)

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