Onwards and away…

Amidst the darkness-
Spread a new dawn,
Towards an inertness
Passive, the walk stretched..
Strayed, distant, yet limitless
Spread the rays of the sensations, masked
As to search the end
Of the beginning of a yawn.
Yet unbound, the grass grew tall
Yet bound were its roots underneath
The walk and the stretch
Of the leaves stung hold.
So deserved was the dawn
Of a joyous yet morose yawn
For the end was foretold
The beginning was unjust to the daunt.
The task of the crunch beneath feet
Or the smell of fresh sheet
Of dew on the leaves
Of leaves on the trees
And yet the mask unmoved
Of the solitude and good;
Occurred an incident
On the morrow it dent.
Proved so unworthy
Yet it moved mountains
Unworthy were the hills to stay
Mountains of righteousness it shone
Top so dry in dismay.
Attracted like bees they ran
Away, moved to the end of the rays
If only they had…
World was happier and peace they bragged.


Thank you :)

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