Transcendence of a New Beginning.

Do you want to Create your own God?
Isnt it what man has been trying to all along?

Hasn’t there been a common, worldwide out cry for safety, better resources and all in all a better life? But what is a better life? A good home? A good car? Or a good girlfriend? Hasn’t there been a generic notion of achieving everything “satisfactory” in this world through materialistic possession? Deluded, hopeless yet sympathetic of our own selves, we are moving towards an era when humans won’t believe in themselves, but will still believe in machines, putting a foot down on the afore mentioned obsession with materialistic possession. However, whose foot it would be, is a question that has to be answered right now. God, a general answer to everything, is losing his focus these days. Like the fallen angel of Constantine, he’s no more a spirit of good, but rather a spirit of vengeance; that is, if there’s a god. While atheism, rising more profoundly through the seeds of terrorism feeding on religion, it’s a race now as to who will win. The race is between two forces- one which doesn’t believe in god, but in a lifestyle which is governed by no one but themselves or the conscious beings” and the others who are hanging in the limbo between religion and God faced with the only choice of forcing the will of vengeance of god upon us through the self-made laws of religion or the “enlightened beings”.

Love, pulse, physical ability, emotions, life, existence and at the very end- Conscience. A topic of discussion since years, centuries probably as to “Are we self-aware and can we prove it?” While the answer to the first question is a definite Yes, how do we prove it? Our senses? Or like Christopher Nolan so effortlessly proclaimed the power of love as a physical dimension? Or is it the sense which is used to love? Where are we moving? Towards happiness, peace? Paris, Beirut, Syria and hundreds of other cities and their countries have made it their point time and again that world needs a balance, of everything; of happiness against sadness, of peace against war, of stability vs instability, yet we in our hyper stage are far away from achieving the balance between breaking and fixing things. The emotional bonds and the engineered machines- while one is breaking, the other is fixing itself. While we are trying to achieve happiness, there’s so much depression that the very path that exercises itself towards happiness is dwindling and causing depression on its way, blurring the face of what once was effortless peace (happiness being just a pre-requisite).


Then what’s the cure? What’s the lead to move towards a better future? Of transcending into an era of balance? There isn’t one. There was a time when happiness was a way of life and not a hard fought emotion. There was a time when people took effort to understand others- humans, nature alike. There was a time when terrorism was there, but so was peace.

Written above somewhere in a short sentence is- who’s foot it would be? Let there be no foot. And I answer it now. Release creativity, humanity, belief, and freedom. Stop trying to understand the conscience while living out of it and dig deep within for the answers. The ways of nature which have been incomprehensible even after recreating the “God Particle”, cannot be comprehended upon by reconciling machines with more machines rather, yourself with this very existence. Materials can get you so far as to making you immortal, but would that life be worth living if there was no fear of its end; thus the balance? Think of life as an acorn- there are layers within before you actually realize peace is at the seed while happiness was just the layer you have to peel off before you release the seed and plant it again for a newer day.


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