Life is a piece of Poetry.

 And then When I looked back
to the tracks I had left
Of the shallow traces I had carved
That left me morose as I remembered nought.
With the souls that I had encountered
were those who perished
as I stood on the threshold
of the victory they so desired
For I saw resent
towards the same tracks I followed
towards the threshold I stood upon
to the act I followed
And they through their sunken eyes
Not in words but with mere cries
Was I so blind to the world
To follow the path of the herd
I wailed and I laughed
with a voice so hollow
For I had arrived to the beginning
with an endless sorrow
But yet they shone
the light towards the path of a new plight
And I took off on the new drive
Through the woods filled with life’s marrow
To gorge in all at once
For Life is too short to FOLLOW.


Thank you :)

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