Lives unknown

In the brightness of the sun
the burnt effigies of the lives
shone with a darkness
like in the unknown.
I was burnt, charred
and yet I walked ahead
step after step towards the unknown
on the path, aspired known.
Snakes shed their skins
i shed lives…many everywhere
unknown to the new, I had lived so much.
And I share with you thus
into the secret of this world-
“For to share this world for eternity
you dont need to live so long
Just live so many times
that you are alive for eternity.
Unknown they may be to those
who live, but just once…
i urge you to live yourself
Known only to you, the unknowns.”
With this belief in the hitherto
fathomable depths of a life
unearth a guide to lead
towards an end, invisible.
But dont burn, for as naive you arent
learn from the ones before
live in dividends.
Be awake to this world,
while you sleep to yourslef
love someone so much
unnecesssary it gets to live so many.


Thank you :)

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