Posted in Poetry

Listen Oh Mighty!

Listen oh mighty world:
Changes- you forever yearn
But swear on your mother’s life,
Peace would be your biggest pride.
Listen oh Juvenile minds:
To the undaunted, don’t ever bind,
the force to move him to dust…
be the paint and not his rust.
And hear to the mighty cries
Of the mother who so tries
To love, unharmed, eternal,
she weeps on your wishes, detrimental.
And hear to the lost beings
whispering too loud, yet dumb
The lessons they learned
Too naïve to you to learn.
And envision a world, oh Mighty!
Of the people in and around
who sense and yet forgive
who will treasure this land.



A freelancer, hopeless romantic, loves adventure and also an admirer of some lone time with coffee. Can't live without my diary and my phone. A big drum of emotions as I like to call myself, I am cheerful, humorous, and I love dancing. I have a lot of interests from being a hardcore Football enthusiast and a Manchester United fan to Speaking to an audience, sharing something close and revolutionary to me. I love adventure and can't be curtailed under house arrest. Nature, new minds, new surroundings are what I live for.

Thank you :)

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