Aesthetics of Honesty


I see this world and my life as a revolving door, opening to multiple possibilities. There’s possibility to be of the people, for the people and by the people, there’s possibility of accepting your leadership for the people, and then there’s the possibility of accepting your ingenuity for your selfish contentment. I am a selfish prick, so I’ll aspire for the unique ingenuity only to satisfy my anxiety to exercise my intelligence to pursue the mysteries of this universe. It could be contradicting with your conscience, asking you to reject this possibility. How can someone be this selfish? Isn’t it a sin to be selfish and not think of your people, your brethren? You might question the existence of this philosophy by being outright, that if we weren’t meant to live together, why were we created in co-existence? But then aren’t those two completely different statements?

Honesty is what you are experiencing in your deepest corners; a concept which has been buried under the thought of the day –“Honesty is the Best policy”. A concept who’s beauty is fathomless, yet it transcends into nothingness upon its ignorance. Honesty is today mistaken for being mean, anti-social, self-damaging, harmful to the society, and is understood to be being non-corrupt. But, in the words of a simplistic, Honesty is truth. Honesty is not about being able to reject a party invitation, but about your own emotions, your needs, your aspirations, your silver lining, your definitions, your understanding, your creativity and what not. Honesty could be devastating to your social life, your love life, your family life and even to yourself, but if you have heard about the legend of the phoenix, you’ll slowly really, if you persist long enough in the path, that you will, like the phoenix rise from the ashes of your burnt relationships and bonds.

Remember when you actually detested the idea of meeting someone you never wanted to? Remember when you felt dejected but made up a reason to stick by even when the situation never improved? Remember when you believed that nobody could help you but yourself? We all have been through all the aforementioned situations, clichéd situations. And while it’s very easy to say enduring through them makes you stronger, I say standing up and saying no to such situations make you soulful. Honesty. To yourself, to that person, to that group, to that job, to that desire, to that taste, to that sport, to that piece of furniture. Explore yourself in a way that only truth comes out of your mouth, what you think, you speak. It takes more courage to reject that company which made you feel less intelligent coz you didn’t study in a big school, to believe in your intelligence when you face nothing but rejection from all around you, to put your foot down on your ideals and stay firm with an undying attitude. We know it in our bones, everything, but we need a bucket to go down that well and take the water out to be used to clench our skins of fake possibilities. There’s only one possibility in this world, and while one could fool himself or herself, that people define them, it’s their truth that defines them; the truth that is not spoken to others but which comes up when one is silent, in a grave discomfort, while making a life-changinAyn-Rand-2g decision.

And when you are honest, the truth will hit hard, it may burn and the phoenix that will rise again will be fresh, new and you will realise as if a layer of fake aggressiveness towards this world and “my” people has lifted, a burden to be proven has been lifted. People will leave, you will leave people. You will abandon paths with little notes left for those who might trod the same, but most importantly, you will rise and fly away to a path of your own unique existence.

That’s when you’ll realise that no genius in this world ever worked to create good for this world, but to satisfy his need to serve his intelligence. People say Nikola Tesla tore down his royalty contract to serve the people, to not be selfish. But I say, he was the most selfish of them all. He was selfish in a way that those who have been genius can realise. He needed to know that what he could do, he would keep on doing, without interference. He never cared about the people, he cared about how much justice he did to his creations, to his intelligence, to his ability to transform nothing into something. He worked alone.

You may know steve jobs as one who made apple what it is. But I know him as a selfish, self-centered artist of the modern silicon world. He created to satisfy his own innate desire to turn nothing into something. You may know Ramanujam as someone who gave Maths infinity, but he just exercised the control that he had over numbers to belch out the information stored in him.

I believe human was created to work his magic individually, not by assistance, not by brainstorming, not by taking an average. Human was created to exist longer than this universe, not by feeding on each other, but oneself. It could be very paradoxical, given the fact that people believe in working in teams, that the best can come out of 3 brains rather than one. But whenever I have worked in a team, I have felt more let down than when I worked alone. Not because my team members were incompetent, but because I felt I wasn’t exercising my entire potential. If you have felt so too, then you know what I am talking about. No team has existed without disagreements, no team has come out with an individual creation. It’s always an average. Its always a derivative of the combined intelligentsia of the en mass and I feel today with the population explosion, this plague is hitting every venture.

Given the fact that we have now worked for centuries in teams, may be, it is time that we explored the other side of the road, where while we will walk on the road together, we won’t think for the collective conscience, but for the individual contentment.

Ayn Rand 3


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