Stolen Glances, Batting Eyelashes.

Stolen glances, Batting eyelashes
Pursing lips, twisting hair strands
turns -half, unaware, deceiving,
anxious taps and skewed seats.
Slanting looks, full-face talks,
immeasurable distance, forlorn path
mute prayers, loud confessions,
scared touches, unhinged words,
jittery steps, mismatched steps,
taken lines, first words,
dark truths, hooked burdens,
alive surroundings, aware eyes,
trodden paths, lone souls,
footmarks on trails, foul wind,
soft earth, marred sky,
unending walk, depthless dive,
intruding binds, cynic eyes, 
breathless beds, entwining ties,
brightening lights, fresh dew,
clothes torn, face abash,
stolen glances, batting eyelashes.


Thank you :)

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