The Bigger Picture.

Hit hard. Down. fell. broke.
Lost, senses withheld, rugged,
Bleeding with no clogs in sight,
It was finally the end.

For a few moments, it had been so
sans, the light, sans thirst.
Those moments were blinding,
even plunged into nothingness.
The will had risen though,
Risen to the occassion, a call.
And so it had thrown away
The darkness into the light
the light without a cover of width
focusing on the bigger picture.
And was the view overwhelming? Yes.
This was exciting, but uncertain.
This was huge, and me so small,
And the comfort was so amiable,
but courage was not at a loss
and loss wasnt your gameplan.
You had lost the darkness to those
who had never been in the light
and you had finally viewed it
with the respect the Bigger Picture deserved.


Thank you :)

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