America has failed Democracy.

One of the most important and dreaded events of this year, the United States elections concluded only last week with a result that is yet to sink in among those who have a smidgen of rationality left in them. Donald J. Trump, the Republican candidate for the President of the United States has taken over the White House from the first ever Black President for two terms in a row, Barack Obama. The polls were as nerve-racking for the world as it was for America. There were social media posts questioning the sheer cumulative intelligence of the entire nation. There were doubts as to see if America was ready to make such a huge decision to choose between two crooks of their own games put up on the same platform. America failed.

Donald J. Trump wasn’t the only one who was victorious in this campaign, so were his ideas, his promises and so were the fundamentals of despotism. But the failure is not of America as a nation, failure is of America, as a democracy. As soon as the polls had ended, stats were fired in all directions of all sorts. The margin by which he had won in all the states, the percentage of people who detest his victory from around the globe, the number of harassment instances since his victory (within two hours), and even the stats of how America stands in terms of education against the world. The most important piece of statistics that caught my eye, however, were not these, but the numbers declaring the percentage of the population which turned up for voting. Following were the numbers –

Trump – 29%
Hillary – 20%
Others – 1.4%
Did not vote – 49.6%


Now imagine a 100 people live in a country. Out of these hundred people, 20 voted for a certain individual who has a huge political history behind them and is promising tactical words as an offer of change for their country. The other 30 people voted for a certain individual who has been campaigning for nothing but hate, across genders, religion, nations and what not. But what’s surprising is the rest of the 50 people didn’t even vote. Let me break this to you, the nation on whose land the very foundations of Democracy were laid, whose land is a symbol of hope for freedom, whose citizens are the forbearers of Freedom in this world, has almost half of its population not finding it important enough to vote for the leader of the most powerful nation in this world. It only boils down to a single conclusion, what’s left now is a scrape off “from the people”, there’s nothing left of either “of the people” or “by the people”. One of the most powerful democracies of the world who has brought “Freedom” to nations like Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, most of middle east, doesn’t realise the importance of this freedom.

America today elected its President with only half of the population caring about it. We always see these videos aimed at making the audience laugh, showing how Americans can believe anything their president wants them to believe. But here, they had a choice before this could happen, they had a choice to select if they would remain that way or can do better. But this time, they have failed this world even before it came to that. Till 5 days ago, there had already been registered 400 cases of harassments of different kinds. People went to twitter to show their discomfort. Muslim women had there hijab thrown off their heads, black people have been attacked, women are being harassed in public, and what not. And to top all this, the Ku Klux Klan, the white race fanatic group has suddenly found back its stride. There were multiple sightings of its symbol drawn on walls with tags – “Lets make America white again.” Is this what you voted for America?

The mere imagination of the conclusions of this event sends shivers down my spine. There are people who will condemn me for caring too much for a nation on the other side of the world, but what they forget is, a sphere doesn’t have sides, it has a surface. And you don’t fall of the edge if you try to go past your boundaries. But America is surely making people realise, that if we don’t, they will make us. I can only hope, along with the thousands others, and pray, that the campaign will be left to as it was, a campaign. Or the thought that we have come so far in to being a global culture can be burnt to ashes in a matter of seconds. It’s going to affect me as much as Mexico, if you think otherwise, you never understood globalisation.


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