Letter to my childhood self

Dear Teshu (my childhood name),

It’s been long since I have talked to you, in fact, it’s been long that I have acknowledged your presence at all. You have been alive all this time, feeding off my happiness of the present, for you were always sick then, and food was a luxury. I hear you all the time, asking, why I have forgotten you and your ways, your attitude, your lessons. You try and remind me the way my problems were momentary, away from my cartoons, my video games and my books. You have, for the countless number of times, helped me get back to my moments in which I needn’t be an adult, in which my life was just me going out to play a game of football or Cricket, as per the mood of the gang. You made me realise that even though no one let you play with them coz you didn’t know any swear words, didn’t affect the fact that you were always doing well in your studies, was great at co-curricular and had nothing to complain. You remember how everything was immaterial compared to your cartoons. But apart from these, there are memories that haunt me today, of ignorance, of negligence, of being the odd one. Those days when you didn’t have any friend, or when you couldn’t stay fit enough to even lift your head up. When you were always shunned away by people you needed, and accepted by those who needed you for the wrong reasons. I have memories of the wrong people teaching the right lessons, and of right people not teaching me anything at all. You are a mix bag of complications that are not worth investing time in to simplify. I don’t have problems anymore, no and no responsibilities either. Yes, people still leave me, or I leave them, but now I know, people were never important, cartoons were, and most importantly, so were you. Thank you for all the memories, thank for being my conscience, thank you for being my pathbreaker and my pacifier. Thank you Teshu.

Ritwiik (your 15 yr older self)


Thank you :)

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