Psychology – A life coach’s guide to globalisation.

Psychology, the art of understanding minds and behaviour, is slowly becoming an integral part of a global village. As we move towards a unified world, which I am positive we are, irrespective of walls and terrorism, we have an ever growing need of understanding each others’ psyche. Psychology has become more popular in this world post the initiation of businesses run through user inputs. Previously, with fewer customers, smaller customer base and a much smaller reach we were confined to knowing people like us, people who were interested in collecting the same products as we were in creating them. But now, we create products not out of our own understanding of a need, but the understanding of what this world needs, the people need, and not just in our community, but across the globe.

While yes, the world runs on business, profits and loss and every new research are somehow affecting your stocks, I will be talking about psychology here on a more personal level, a level which will be required to touch your bottom and lift you into this magnanimous world of mindfulness. The human psyche is interesting to the limits that we haven’t even reached yet. They say, and I agree, that we don’t even use 100% of our brain. How outrageous is that? Yet I sit here helping you understand other humans better because, my dear readers, I also believe that the rest of your unused brain will only develop through understanding others. What if this world we live in is a huge maze, and the secret in unlocking the maze was through mutual understanding and helping each other out? Sounds interesting? Read through.

Psychology is mindfulness of yours towards the mind of others. It’s a connection which helps you to sympathise, or which harms you to outrage for or against anybody. It helps you understand why others think or feel what they think or feel. While I may be a life coach, I am no psych major or humanities expert, but I have met a lot of humans and there’s no better way to understand humans but a practical approach. I am intrinsically News-leadership-psychology-702x395an introvert, but I love socialising, experimenting with socialising. And I will request you to carry out the same. Don’t have a single set of people to hang out with. Don’t be too comfortable at your workplace. Don’t be too adept to a city. Go. Explore. Experiment. Psychology is best understood with people of varied regions, varied backgrounds and varied understandings.

When I practice life coaching when people come to me with issues in their relationships, it’s actually very easy to find out the problem. The flaw is always that impending fear. The fear which has not let you explore other people who might be more suitable for you, friends, lovers, co-workers, anybody and everybody in this world. All a life coach does is show that person a bigger picture, and voila! You have an understanding of this world and of people you have not had all this time. But understand, the bigger picture is always different for everybody. So understanding the psyche is also a different ball game with every different human and that’s what makes it fun.

Psychology today has gained control of its own reigns and is a lot freer than it used to be. It is being used by anybody and everybody in ways they don’t even realise. And the healthiest outcome? We understand our fellow beings better, making this a truly global village. An Indian understanding the lifestyle of a Portuguese, and not trying to mould him into an Indian is what we are aiming towards. Respect comes through understanding. Let’s understand better.


Thank you :)

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