Secrets to writing a perfect poem for your lover…

We are all but humans. And what do humans desire more than love? So today, You are going to learn to express the love which your lover desires so innately, through a love poem. A poem is always personal. The words you bleed through rhymes and metaphors describe your deepest demons. These demons possess you till you have let them out on a piece of paper with your own blood. Today the demon for us to tackle is love and what we bleed on paper today will be simplified for you.


A love poem is the most romantic gift that could be imparted in this world of fake realities and expensive gifts. The words you put in to describe your words tell what you really feel for your other half, how you treasure them, how you long for them. Through poetry, you express how every fiber of your body builds up your insides for their touch, voice and that smile. And below would be the most intricate details which follow the question – how to create the most beautiful piece of poetry to express love for your partner.

  • Pick up an incident which meant something to both of you. This incident could be the first time you met, the first time you realized you were in love with them, the adventures you have taken together, a day out together where you couldn’t helpDONE21

    wonder this is the best company you have ever had. It eases your words into a formation. And the most important fact,

  • Use simple words, not the time to use a rich vocabulary. This poem is about and everything else that you two stand for, your relationship stands for. Don’t use too many words which are difficult to understand or forces your partner to run to a dictionary. Love is simple and easy and available, make sure your poem is something on the same lines.
  • Choose a reference point and create around it. Think about all those references you share together – Game of Thrones, harry Potter, Bollywood, Hollywood, music, etc. and create a poem around it, using references from those interests which you share. For e.g. you love her like Lady Catelyn loved Ned Stark, or you need him like Arya stark needed vengeance. It’s all up to your imagination.
  • Talk a little bit about your future. Nothing makes your lover happier (especially girls) than assuring them about a future together. So even if you are afraid of commitment, your love story could still be heading towards something, so include that. Talk about how you feel when you are with them and that you would like to feel that in the future as well.
  • Don’t exaggerate. Be honest. Always. There’s no room for error there. It’s a poem written to express your feelings, so be honest with them. Love them exactly the amount you want to, if you are not ready to take the next step, don’t talk about it. If you wish to take it moment by moment, tell them. There’s no better feeling than seeing the truth in somebody’s eyes and words.

With your ammunition ready, shoot. Go write a poem about how magical a ride it has been for the both of you, and don’t forget to share it with me. As apart from being a poet, I am also a hopeless romantic and I love love-stories. Go bleed with words that are true and honest, and enjoy the expression on your lover’s face. Good luck!


source – Google images



Thank you :)

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